Stacey Spencer

Stacey Spencer Stacey Spencer started her educational career at Sycamore Community Schools in 1998, serving as an Intervention Specialist for Special Education at Sycamore Jr. High School. In 2009 she also supported the jr. high school as the Special Education Department Supervisor. She became the District Special Education Supervisor in 2013.

As Sycamore’s Director of Student Services, Spencer will be responsible for overseeing student support services and programming, ensuring that federal and state laws are in compliance with Sycamore practices as they relate to the rights of children with disabilities. Spencer is committed to providing leadership, services and support that strengthen the capacity of our students, staff, and families to support meaningful student outcomes. These services and supports will be provided by leading with integrity, building positive relationships, making student-driven decisions, and maintaining high expectations for all students.

Spencer earned a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Ashland University and a master’s degree from Xavier University. She has also completed more than 30 hours of post graduate work at Xavier University.