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What is the Synnovation Lab?


    Synnovation Lab is a learning environment within Sycamore High School, made up of teachers, support staff, students, and parents grounded by the pillars of:

    • Community,
    • Personalization, and
    • Meaningful Learning Opportunities. 

    We foster relationships built on empathy and trust with students and families while developing lifelong skills through a variety of innovative educational practices. 

Guiding Functions

    • Every child deserves a personalized learning path that supports their individuality and fosters meaningful relationships.
    • Motivation and engagement are the cornerstones of personalized learning. Staff and students will share an ignited passion for the learning they are leading.
    • Authentic learning is a gateway to real-world experiences which deepen understanding; encouraging students to create tangible, useful products to answer real-world problems.
    • Design thinking is an innovative strategy to approach learning and problem-solving to move staff and students towards an action-oriented mindset.

How Is It Different Than a Traditional School Setting?

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